"Peter Yapp knows people, knows potential, knows persistence, and knows how to promote personal bests. This is personal training delivered with intelligence, individualisation, knowledge and experience. Laugh, have fun and suffer on the journey to be the best that you can be"

If you want to be the best that you can be THEN get the best personal trainer that you cold have = PETERYAPP!"
Dr Carl Leonard

 "I love what you are doing for the boys. You are a great influence on Izaac and he's learn't so much from you in such a short time. I love how positive you are (I know you need to kick butt now and then though!) and your enthusiasm definitely rubbs off. Izaac is stronger and wiser for your efforts. Just wanted to thank you and I can't believe your going all the way to Sydney to watch the boys race. Thats awesome. "

Thanks Corine

 "Thanks Peter for your great advice in helping me lose weight since the birth of Cody. Your positive attitude combined with some killer sessions has me feeling better than ever.I look forward to each session as it is different and challenges me in many ways.I have been to other trainers but have not achieved the results I have with you." Can’t wait for the next workout!

Many thanks, Athena